Saturday, September 20, 2003

Cookies are good to eat,
except when touched by someones feet,
they make me feel all warm inside,
if you say you dont like them, you lied,
what flavor, it doesn't matter,
with out your say they make you fatter!!!!!

& MILK!!!!!!
without milk, cookies would be incomplete,
just dont pour it on your feet,
ITS WET!!!!!

Mr Harmless is really cool,
If u asked him he would "act a fool",
being in his p.e. class is really fun......
even when he makes us run,
He sits there chugging his mountain dew,
if u ask he will not give it to you,(just make you run more)
he like strange stuff from the net,
and he has a freaky looking cat for a pet,
if you wonder why i write about this man,
its because i am a checkers fan.

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