Thursday, November 06, 2003

Ok, most of you know im not the most poetic person in the world, but sometimes i pick up a pen and dont even think and then theres a poem or something , so heres one.

AIN'T That Life

When nothing in life seems to be goin right
you don't see any reason to try
You're just about to give up the fight
You try to make the best of things, not knowing why

People ask of you more
But you have nothing left to give
You have nothing else
Sometimes you wonder why live

All of us have felt this way
Not knowing where to turn
We must pray for better days
And on the way msut learn

I have felt like this many times
Try to find somthing to cling to
Mine is dreams that I pray come true
Im sure there's something for you

For even when life seems dark and grim
We must press on in hopes of the "Better life"
Knowing that we will win
The fight that has brought to us much strife

Find strenghth in He who has all
He will give to those who believe
With out his help we will all fall
He has promised to never leave

I havnt added much to my blog in a while so heres some knew stuff. Mr. Harmless's psycotic love for his blog has inspired me to become the best darn blogger i can be. I will train my body and and mind so that i can fine tune this living source of happiness we call "blogspot". I must do my master proud or die trying! LONG LIVE THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!

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